“In the long view, no nation is healthier than its children,
or more prosperous than its farmers.”

President Harry Truman, 
on signing the 1946 National School Lunch Act

Eugene Coalition for Better School Food

The Eugene Coalition for Better School Food (ECBSF) was created in the spring of 2010 by a group of parents concerned about the nutritional value of the food their children were being served at school. They envisioned working with the Eugene 4J school district to provide all students freshly prepared, nutrient-dense meals with more locally sourced ingredients.

The group has grown to over 700 supporters; parents, community members, businesses and related organizations and have doubled the number or supporters since August. If you support healthy food that nourishes Eugene’s children and local economy, please sign our online petition.

We support the following:

  1. Feeding our Kids Well: Provide our kids fresh, nutrient-dense food critical for long-term health, brain development and behavior conducive to the school setting.
  2. Responsible and Sustainable Food Purchasing: Purchases that take into consideration how to optimize the school food budget and provide what is best for children, our local economy and our planet.
  3. Food Education: Teach our children about food so that they may learn how to feed themselves well and develop life-long practices that will help them become good stewards of their own health and of the earth (healthy diets, food traditions, gardening, food selection and purchasing).
  4. Food Preparation and Serving: Model and teach how to prepare and serve food in a way that increases our children’s chances of leading healthy lives and passing that knowledge on to future generations.
  5. Supporting our Community: Support the local economy and create long-term food security for our community.

The national climate is changing as more and more people are becoming aware of the need to improve school food and give kids a better chance at living healthy lives. Consider the following:

  1. The First Lady’s “Let’s Move” initiative to end childhood obesity
  2. Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution show that targeted the quality of school food in the USA
  3. The many examples of schools and districts across the nation making positive changes such as Berkeley, CA and Washington DC
  4. The many Lane County organizations and businesses that are already working on these issues.

Visit our Resources page for website links to the above organizations and many more.

People all over the world are finding ways to help us connect what we eat with issues of environmental and economic sustainability. Eugene is blessed with a plethora of local farms, healthy food producers, and people interested in making positive change in the community. The time is right to raise the standards on food quality in our schools as well as take responsibility for the social, economic, and environmental impacts of the food we buy, prepare and consume.

You can help by telling other community members about our organization or you can get more involved by donating your time, resources or funds to our group. Find out more about how to participate with the ECBSF and show your support. Join us. Let’s work together now to make a difference for the children of Eugene and the 4J school district.